Monday, 19 August 2013

WILDLIFE : Squirrels Are Being Very Destructive to Soffits

   It's Squirrel Season and the Males are being Very Agressive. I actually watched a Very Large Black Squirrel Walk up to the Back o...

This Time Of Year Squirrels are running around collecting everything they need to Make their nests for Winter.  Grey and Black Squirrel Will Chew Through your Roof Vents.

Red Squirrels will generally nest in Side Vents. Although all Squirrels will enter a Side Vent to Gain Access to Food. Mice, Rats and Birds Such as Sparrows and Black Birds, All of which will Nest in The Side Vents and Walls of Your Home.

All Squirrels Will Chew...and Chew...and Chew
If any Squirrel - Red-
Gray - Black or Brown Sees an Opening  -
A Gap in your Roof - Soffit - Facia - Flashing 
Squirrel will chew away at the area till they gain entry in your
Inner Wall - Attic - Ceiling