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Saturday, 16 February 2013

How Do You Get Rid of A Raccoon From Your Bathroom Sink

BRSSREMOVAL - This Isn't The First Time We've Been Called Out Where Raccoons Have Found Their Way Into The House.

How Do Raccoons Get In to My House from The Attic?

If you have attic venting setup for your heating and air conditioning that is usually the culprit.

From the start..
A raccoon will usually pick out a house that has any of the following:

  • a good food supply - good garbage - pets - dogs -cats - means food outside - it could also be that there are already squirrels, possum, mice or rats in your attic and the raccoons get a good meal and a place to stay.
  • easy access to the roof via trees - down spouts - antenna towers - hydro poles
  • Raccoons usually like the better parts of town with the bigger attics - more room to run around in
  • it could be that other raccoons had been there and other raccoons have followed the scent.
once a raccoon has picked your house it's simply up the down spout and they are on the roof. from the roof raccoons have a couple of choices:
They can enter your chimney and make their home there
Raccoons can push up on the soffit where it meats the roof and climb in to your attic
or the most common way is through your roof vents - the raccoons will snap them of and climb in.

in this case we caught three raccoons -
  • Two raccoons were found eating was was left of the contents of the fridge in the kitchen - By the looks of things they had gone through and emptied all of the cupboards - there was flour - sugar and raccoon poop everywhere. It stunk bad!!!!
  • the other raccoon probably the ring leader cause he was trying to get back out.
The raccoons had gained entry to the roof from the down spout from there they an existing hole that squirrels had been using.

so all of the fighting that tom heard in his dream there were raccoons taking over the attic and having dinner - then falling in to the bathroom.

**In the Fight Between the Squirrels and the Raccoons - A Section of Ventilation Tubing in the Attic had Been Crushed. Leaving the rest of the Vent Tubing Wide Open so - Being the Curious Creatures that Raccoons are They Ventured into The Ventilation Pipe - Which Lead the Raccoons to The Bathroom Vent - With A Little Persuasion The Raccoons Pushed Out The Register or Cold Air Vent

**How Tom Sleep Through It - I Don't Know. He did say Something about a Weird Dream that He had. This is probably what He Heard - The Growling - There Was Evidence of Raccoon Urine on the Bed....

Apparently, After Deciding That Tom Was No Threat or Dead - the Raccoons wanted Desert
But they couldn't get Back Up to the Cold Air Duct to get Back to the Attic. One Raccoon Fell Asleep Trying To Get Out - While The Other Two Found The Kitchen.

This All Could Have Been Avoided Had Tom Just Taken Care Of His Small Squirrel Problem.
  • Now Tom's Got to Pay to Have Duct Work Replaced,
  • To Get Rid of The Smell - All of The Raccoon Poop - Pee Everywhere - The Entire House Needed To Be Disinfected - Cleaned
  • The Hole In The Roof Was Fixed - Shingles Replaced
  • As A Precaution So Tom Won't Have Anymore Raccoon or Squirrel Problems We Disinfected - Caped -Chimneys - Vents - Plumbing Stacks - Where Soffit Meets The Roof
  • Finally - BRSSREMOVAL Gave Tom a 3 Year Guarantee On All Work Done - That's It You Are Raccoon Free!!!