Wednesday, 22 August 2012

   It's August and unfortunately the nights are getting colder. I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone. It feels like just yesterday we were getting Momma and Baby Raccoons out of Chimneys and Attics.This is the time of year when all raccoons move into warmer places.
   Male Raccoons are rammy and noisy and are usually detected the first few nights they are there. A Male Raccoon will simply pull off the top of your plastic roof vent and climb right in. He will poop and pee everywhere inside and outside of your house or building, Marking their territory.  It's just a nasty smell of dirty dog and rotten garbage. Male raccoons will trample down the insulation till there really is nothing left but crap literally!
   Female Raccoons are very stealth. Female Raccoons know what's at risk if you find her there. If you have a female raccoon in your attic. The joke usually is that your neighbours will know before you do. (That is until Baby Season March till June usually.) They will see her going in and out of your attic and up and down your rain spouts, T.V. Antennas, Trees and down pipes and into your garbage on garbage night.Female Raccoons are pretty clean as far as Raccoons go, they're wild animals. If they want to poop they're gonna poop, but usually to a designated area. Just like there is a designated area for eating and playing and a cozy bat of insulation for a bed. What more could she ask for. 
Except for a good shag which she just got from the Male that stopped by to smell her scent and plant some seeds. Next thing you know the female raccoon is pregnant. She cranky and in no mood for the Male Raccoon any longer. Just before she's ready to have her pups she kicks out the Male Raccoon. If she allows him to stay he will try to eat the pups, he has no parental tries to them. When she does this you will hear it. It will sound like two dogs fighting.
   It is very important, that if this is the first you have heard of your raccoon problem, or if you think you have a raccoon in your attic you should take care of it immediately. If you don't  those Raccoons may or may not hibernate depending on the weather. Which could mean that the raccoons will be active in your attic all winter, not good and not healthy for anyone.
   The problem with not taking care of your raccoon problem now is that you are going to have a raccoon situation when the Raccoon Pups are born. Female Raccoon can have a litter of 1 to 10 the usual is 3 to 5 pups.So instead of dealing with 1 to 3  Raccoons now, you could be dealing with upwards of 9-12 Raccoons in the spring.

So Don't Wait....
                          The Damage the Raccoons can do to your attic is $$$$$.... 
                                                              Take Care of your Raccoon Problem now....
                                                                                                   Before it Becomes a Raccoon Situation!!!!

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