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How Do you Like A Possum Catcher's Point Of Veiw?

  How Do You Like a Possum Catcher's Point of View?Sue Hillard - Google Profile


Doe this look dangerous toYOU? Cute Isn't she? Baby possum are about the cutest thing on the planet. That's the problem, what happens when that cut little creature gets curious? Or playful...with your kids or pet? Or they want to play with the Baby PossumPress This Bar to Email The Possum Catcher to find out what happened to the Kids and the POSSUM next 

 Peter Follower From Twitter Asked This Possum Question to THe Possum Catcher:What can I do To GET RID OF OR KEEP THE POSSUM OUT OF MY BACK YARD? There is a possum in my back yard every night. It's driving My Dog Crazy. But it LIVES IN MY NEIGHBOUR'S YARD and he could care less. My dog got sprayed last night. I didn't know that Possum could spray like a skunk. Anyway, Thanks a million for that Skunk Stink Removal Paste. I made a batch for him. Then I made a batch for me. Then I used your Utlra Tide Trick to clean up te rest. NOW HOW TO I GET RID OF THIS G-D POSSUM...HELP!!! aAs much AS I love your Skunk Paste I'm not staying up everynight to make more, THanks! So can you llve trap and remove my possum? I read on your WEbsite  about skunk's scent drawing other animals. I don't want GET RID OF THE POSSUM, to replace it with what? I have enough problems with the possum i don't need anymore animal problems. How would you secure my yard to keep my dead beat neighbour critters off my propertyPress This Bar to Email The Possum Catcher to find out how to live trap get rid of and keep Possum and Other animals out of your yard Next


Scott From FACKBOOK ASKED THE POSSUM CATCHER THE FOLLOWING POSSUM QUESTIONS:Are Possum Dangerous? Aren't Possum more scared of you then you are of them? Will this  Possum Bite you? Do Possum Carry Rabies? Press This Bar to Email The Possum Catcher to find if this Possum is Dangerous, a scaredy-possum, if he'll bite and if he carrys the Rabies Virus



Denise from  St. Marys and a Twitter Follower asked These Questions: Is this Possum  DEAD? you Don't the Possum that you catch do you? What Do you Do With the Possum that you catch? you don't hurt them do you?Now This one I'll asnwer right here and NOW! LET'S GET A FEW THINGS VERY CLEAR; We don't kill anything. The picture was posted to show you how a possum plays dead if you would have took the time to read the caption. We are a Humane Company and we Don't Believe in hurting Anything unless Completely necessary. (life Threatening)

Possum don't belong in the City and are very adaptable and relocatable if done properly. Possum can be relocated as long as there is a food source and that's what we make sure of. We use Live Traps and One-Way-Doors to prevent injury to the Possum.

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       Have you or your pet, dog or cat gotten sprayed by a possum

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Possum you may think are harmless, funny looking creatures that hang from tress by their tails. Which usually don't come into their winter fur for another month are already sporting their thick possum winter fur. they like all other animals are looking for a good winter habitat. because possum burrow under your shed, deck, Add-A-Room, Addition, Pool Pump Sheds and Houses, any building or object sitting on a gravel base. And Possum can climb your eves trough and gain access to your attic through your soffit and where the roof meets your soffit. When Possum are cornered they can excrete a stink comparable to the skunk. Possums are the triple threat actually they are the quadruple threat as if they are cornered in the backyard by your cat or dog, yes they will play possum and pretend to be dead. Once your pet is sniffing close the possum will attack. Possum have the teeth of an alligator and the jaw of a pit bull and once it is locked on your cat or dog it won't end well. You need to get rid of your possum before you end up having to pay expensive vet bills repairing the damage the possum did to your pet. So Call us:226-600-5597  647-498-6102
to get rid of your possum now before it attacks you or someone you love.

Look forward to Getting more Possum questions To Answer. got one send to me. Possum Catcher OUT.