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RABBITS...What are We Going To Do about These Damn Rabbits?Sue Hillard - Google Profile

Rabbits love Mums... as any of you know that have rabbits, and have done nothing about them.

 Thinking"Ooh What Cute Little Rabbits" If you leave the rabbits alone,and do nothing. You are going to kill your beautiful gardens and yards.



#RABBIT(S))_IN/ON/UNDER_MY Outside Patio Area, Front/ Back Yard Area, Lawn Area, Under Deck/ Shed/ Porch /Steps, Garden Area, Window Well Area,Fence Area, Stonewall Area, Treed or Shrubbed Area, Outdoor Structure(s), Pool(s) Area, Pond(s) Area, Fountian(s) Area, Driveway Area, Walkway Area, Gate Area, Neighbour's side/ Property

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You know that Rabbits make more Baby Rabbits make more Baby Rabbits. They will stay together along as there is a good enough food source, your back and front yard!!!

If you see rabbits around your property you need to act immediately for 2 reasons

The two Species or Rabbits that are the most common in Ontario are The Cottontail and The Jackrabbit. Even by their names. If you were to see them now you would immediately know the Cotton Tail by her snow perfect little puff of cotton for a tail with their bodies are covered in a calico of sandy to earth tone browns.

The next time you see a Cotton Tail Rabbit squint your eyes and it'll look like a piece of cotton lying on a rock.
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A Jack rabbit Stands tall on his hind legs and because of those legs the Jack Rabbit is VERY fast and the one from all of the Nursery Rhymes.

But, unfortunately, Cotton tail Rabbits and Jack Rabbits will turn your backyard into a rock garden very quickly as they eat 2- 5 times their weight in food a day.

Rabbits can Demolish Yard Entire Property in two Seasons.(519)569-7866 (416)234-5208 (905)812-1386 CustomerService@BRSSREMOVAL.COM 

Rabbits are food for allot of Animals and can bring dangerous creatures a calling like Raccoons, Foxes, Bears, Coyotes, Wolves, Weasels and Fishers.

By not getting rid of your rabbits you are baiting your entire property to draw bigger Animals. Hunting for food and a new place to live. Right now They're thinking your House's perfect.(519)569-7866 (416)234-5208 (905)812-1386 CustomerService@BRSSREMOVAL.COM

Save Yourself allot of headaches and get rid of the rabbits before you got to get rid of the wolves!!!

To Get Rid Of Your Cotton Tail Rabbit and/or Jack Rabbit Problem Before it Becomes a Wolverine situation, Call Us:
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AAA Wild Animal Removal & Bat Specialists will:

Remove your Cotton Tail Rabbit and/or Jack Rabbit Infestation

Disinfect to Remove any scent that might attract more Cotton Tail Rabbits and/or Jackrabbits or other Animals.Seal, Mesh and/or Cement ALL Affected areas and Any/All Cotton Tail Rabbit and/or Jackrabbit Entry & Exit Points.

Completely Cotton Tail Rabbit and/or Jack Rabbit Proof Your Home & Exit Points,So That You Will Never Have Cotton Tail Rabbits and/or Jack Rabbits Again!!!

We Offer a 3 Year Guarantee on All Work Done
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Sue Hillard - Google Profile
(519)569-7866 (416)234-5208 (905)812-1386 CustomerService@BRSSREMOVAL.COM

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